TRIZ Developers Summit



Official site of the Non-profitable organization "TRIZ Developers Summit". 


  "TRIZ Developers Summit" Declaration.  ​Major TRIZ Components and Provisions

TRIZ is founded on the objective laws of technological evolution.

The major laws of technological evolution are systemic and can be applied for solving inventive problems of engineering and non-engineering systems, including non-material ones.

TRIZ ideology is based on the provision that systems evolve through emergence and resolution of contradictions. High level inventive solutions leading to the resolution of contradictions in system evolution constitute the knowledge base for disclosing the laws and trends of system evolution.

Developing TRIZ for its application in non-engineering fields relies on knowledge bases containing high level inventive solutions from various areas of human activity.

TRIZ relies on a model approach to problem statement, search for solutions, and  elaboration of system evolution trends. At that, models based on Su-field and function analysis and ideal final result, as well as those describing the process of inventive problem stating and solving are used. 

The inventive thinking includes systemic, evolutionary, and resource thinking.  To create such thinking, attention should be paid to developing inventive imagination.  

TRIZ is based on the approaches laid by G.Altshuller's works.


The primary goal of the "Summit of TRIZ Developers" is to organize cooperation between scientists and researchers in order to develop TRIZ as a science. 

The collective efforts of experts is critical to the development of TRIZ. Therefore, the Summit is continuing those traditions of scientific seminars on TRIZ development which were held in Petrozavodsk, Russia in the 1980s under the leadership of Genrikh Altshuller.