Introduction to TRIZ Glossary 2023

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TRIZ glossary 2023

Modern glossary of terms and definitions of the theory of inventive problems solving

Team of authors: Ahmad-Ramez Kassou, Oleg Kraev, Anton Kulakov, Igoris Misyuchenko, Natalia Rubina, Mikhail Rubin, Alexander Trantin

General edition Mikhail Rubin

The glossary uses materials and approaches from the IPO “TRIZ Developers Summit” project “TRIZ Ontology” with the participation of A. Kuryan, N. Shchedrin, O. Eckardt.

This glossary of terms and definitions of the Theory of Inventive Problems Solving (TRIZ) is currently the most complete glossary of TRIZ and contains 555 terms and their definitions. The glossary contains both fundamental terms and concepts introduced by the founder of TRIZ G.S. Altshuller, as well as modern TRIZ terms, which have become widespread and practically used in the implementation of TRIZ projects in recent years. The glossary was created in Russian, the language in which the fundamental principles of TRIZ were formed. Currently, all terms have been translated into English and available here.

Like TRIZ in general, this glossary is in constant development. It is planned to regularly replenish and clarify it in three areas:

- introduction of new and adjustment of existing terms

- clarification of definitions of terms

- establishing ontological connections between terms

We will be grateful for your suggestions for the development of the TRIZ glossary 2023, which can be sent to


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Council of the "TRIZ Developers Summit",

September 16, 2023

TRIZ Glossary 2023