TRIZ Developers Summit


"TRIZ in IT and technology" section. Presentations and videos.

Conference openning video

1. TRIZ in life and crativity of Nikolai Shpakovsky. Kirill Domkin, George Severinets. Presentation and video.

2. Innovation Education in Practice at Tsinghua University. Wang Jian, Li Huangye. Presentation and video.

3. The development of cryptographic  information security systems in IoT through the prism of TRIZ tools. Alexey Lazarev, Sergei Khovanov. Presentation and video.

4. Innovation TRIZ project lifecycle.  Igoris Misuchenko, Daniil Gurkov, Timofei KamlenokPresentation and video.

5. Definition and analysis of inventive situation in TRIZ. Andrei Kuryan, Mikhail Rubin. Presentation and video.

6. Automatic production of roadmaps for implementing TRIZ projects. Anton Kulakov. Presentation and video.

7. Developing TRIZ approaches and methods in IT-systems. Ramez Kassou, Mikhail Rubin. Presentation and video.

8. Applying TRIZ tools in biomedical research. Vladimir Petrov, Dr. Eugene Bordichevsky. Presentation and video.

9. Further prospects for the development of TRIZ. Andrei Belyakou. Presentation and video.

10. The glossary of actions of functions for performing function analysis. Sergei Dmitriev, Oleg Kraev, Petr Mosman, V. Starovoitov. Presentation and video.

11. TRIZ as "help of fly" during information systems' projects. Sergei Khovanov, Daniil Pravkin. Presentation and video