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The general structure of laws and patterns of development of business systems by Vladimir Petrov

Dear Friends, 

We want to emphasize that 15 of October, you can participate presentation named «General structure of laws and patterns in the development of business systems».

Vladimir Petrov (Israel) is the founder and CEO of "Innovation Technology". He is a Master of TRIZ, student, colleague, and friend of G. Altshuller. He has been actively involved in TRIZ since 1972. Together with V.V. Mitrofanov created the Leningrad School of TRIZ. He teaches TRIZ and carries out various projects for the world's largest companies, such as Intel, Samsung, Ford, HP, and others. Author of over 50 books about TRIZ, published in Russian, English, German, Spanish, Chinese, and Hebrew.

Vladimir Petrov is a member of the Organizing Committee of the TRIZ Summit 2022 and a member of the Presidium of the international public organization "TRIZ Developers Summit".

Talk description (abstract):

Business systems are currently are rapidly developing. In this regard, it is very important to identify and use the patterns of their development. This will allow you to make fewer mistakes in the development of a particular business system and see the path of development.

Research was initially conducted on natural systems (the laws of biology), then on technical systems, and later on business systems.

Identification of patterns of development of business systems was carried out by analogy with the system of laws and patterns of development of systems developed by the author and their subsequent verification with business systems. As a result of the study, a hypothesis of a system of laws and patterns of development of business systems was put forward.


TRIZ, business systems, development laws and patterns, innovations, forecast