TRIZ Developers Summit


Industrial Parks: Problems and Solutions with the Help of TRIZ. Han Bing, Shi Xiaohua




Han Bing

Shi Xiaohua



Tianjin Academy of Science and Technology for Development

Xiaolongwo Village Committee, Youguzhuang Town, Jizhou District, Tianjin, China

Yanshan University









Han Bing, Master of Economics, MATRIZ Level 3, Chinese Certified TRIZ Trainer, Innovation consultant, Board Member of International Business TRIZ Association (IBTA).

He has 13 years of experience in TRIZ, and has always been focused on Business TRIZ,Sci-tech consultation and appraisals. He has provided TRIZ training and consulting to more than 100 companies in China. He has more than 20 publications on TRIZ, including 1 books. He has often been invited to give presentations at many TRIZ conferences, such as TRIZ Summit, Business TRIZ Online Conference, AITRIZCON, and some Chinese TRIZ Symposiums. Since 2021, he started active promotion of innovation education for rural teenagers, offering courses on TRIZ, innovation thinking and other workshops at some rural primary and middle schools, which has been widely praised.

Shi Xiaohua, born in December 1978, Teacher and doctoral supervisor of Yanshan University. In the past 20 years, he has been committed to the design and development of electromechanical systems. His main research fields are rehabilitation service robots and production robots related to wind power field. For example, lower limb rehabilitation robot and wind turbine blade grinding robot. In 2015, he founded the robot innovation team of Yanshan University and won the special prize in the National Robot Competition. In 2019, he established Yanshan University Innovation Methods Association, and won the first prize in the innovation method competition.

His first contact with TRIZ was in 2017, and then he actively participated in relevant TRIZ activities. In 2019, he got MATRIZ Level 3 certification. In recent years, he have been engaged in the teaching of TRIZ for undergraduates and postgraduates. In 2020, Yanshan University has been approved as the first batch of innovation method research bases in Hebei Province.


Examples\stories how TRIZ has affected personal life:

A great honor for me to learn TRIZ from over a dozen masters and many TRIZ specialists. TRIZ has totally changed my world outlook, as well as my life. Now TRIZ has become an integral part of my life.

TRIZ is the most important innovation method I know and use most. Since I contacted TRIZ, it has gradually integrated into my life and research, instructed me to solve the design difficulties encountered in the research process for many times. Meanwhile,When I taught students learning TRIZ, they also benefit a lot.


Abstract of Presentation

This presentation shows a case study of TRIZ application in Urban construction and management, which can be also regarded as an application of TRIZ in Strategy Planning.

In China, There are many traditional industrial Parks built in the late 20 century in some large cities, especially in the urban district. After several decades, poor infrastructure and fiscal revenues making them difficult for the parks to play a role in promoting urban development. So these old parks are unutilized and need to be transformed and upgraded timely. In this presentation, this problem was built and solved by TRIZ, and a new transformation was proposed according to the solutions based on TRIZ to promote the transformation for traditional industrial Parks in the large cities and upgrading into "new enterprise communities".


Key words

TRIZ, Industrial Park, Large city, Construction mode