TRIZ Developers Summit


"TRIZ in Business" section. Presentations and videos.

Opening session video.

1. Piloting TRIZ activities for inventive projects and students in Syria. Ahmad-Ramez Kassou, Fadia Restom, Zena Darweesh, Yara Moalla, George Zeitun. Presentation and video.

2. TRIZ Development in Azerbaijan and Turkey. Ali Kutvan. Presentation and video.

2.1. i-NESIS software for innovation activities. Ahmad-Ramez Kassou. Video.

3. Monetization of Intellectual Property. TRIZ Approach. Andrei Kudzi, Andrei Kuryan. Presentation and video.

4. Application the patterns of system evolution to solve business problems. Denis Petrov, Vladimir Petrov. Presentation and video.

5. Evolution laws for functional-goal systems in business. Alexander Trantin, Nikolai Schedrin, Mikhail Rubin. Presentation and video.

6. General structure of evolution laws and regularities in business systems. Vladimir Petrov. Presentation and video.

7. Industrial Parks: Problems and Solutions with the Help of TRIZ. Han BingShi Xiaohua. Presentation and video.

8. Strategic planing method based on TRIZ model. Alexander Trantin, Anton Kulakov, Mikhail Rubin. Presentation and video.

9. Application of TRIZ tools in Campino-TRIZ for problem definition in governance systems. Alexander Trantin. Presentation and video.

10. The concept of "Success" and the analysis of the key parameters of success through practical examples. Nikolai Saunin, Alexei Fomenko. Presentation and video.

11. Case staties of application TRIZ tools in Ingosstrach. Daniil Pravkin, Sergei Khovanov. Presentation and video.

12. Socio-Informational System: contradictions and evolution laws. Pavel Azaletskiy. Presentation and video.

Final discussion. Video.